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Orchid College Biratnagar
Admission open for Grade 11

Message from the Chair Person

It gives me immense gratification and pride to let you know about Orchid College and its sagacious students,
to a whole new world of opportunities and cognition. We at Orchid, look forward to an enriching peregrination and alliance with the young minds that we promise to nurture in the best possible way.

Quality education has been our primary responsibility and fortitude. Our prime aspiration is not only to provide skill oriented and professional education of international quality but also to transfer a student personality and mindset, so as to make him a good professional in his field as well as a good human being in the society. With this endeavour we have provided the best infrastructures and facilities, highly experienced faculty, high tech classroom and workshops. Efforts of Orchid College are guided by an advisory board, consisting of eminent professional personalities from academia and university. We are progressively increasing the use of technology to support learning and teaching .We have adopted a continuous improvement process which involves all
constituencies at different levels. Faculty students' alumni and employers are taking active roles in assessing the quality of education and providing valuable feedback to improve the learning environment.

I convey my best wishes to the students and am hopeful that they will achieve whatever dreams they have become good doctors, engineers or managers, besides becoming good human beings.


Mr. Amit Dhakal